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Our mission is to

Enable local changemakers to address deep-rooted challenges in their own communities.

Are you a changemaker?

A non-profit or for-profit social enterprise.

A religious ministry with a social impact project.

A non-profit organization or a charity.

A group of community activists.

A small business with a passion for your local community.

We believe in supporting you at whatever stage you are at.

We believe in breaking down the barriers to sharing expertise with changemakers.

That’s why we help you pay for our services:

For this social enterprise, we only charge a small commission for new revenue we helped generate.

For this non-profit organization, we only charge a small commission on grants we successfully secured.

For this community group, we found government subsidies to discount our fees.

For this social impact founder at the earliest stages of their journey, we offer light-touch pro bono mentorship until they are ready to sign a contract.

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