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Only 8 spaces left for the early bird pricing!

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Get funded. 
Make impact.

When your grant workflow yields results and runs effortlessly,

you become free to focus on making a difference.


Do Good Better: Winning Grant Funding is a 9-month blended program capacity building and technical assistance for organizations making a positive impact.

Implemented by:

Join these changemakers 

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Does this sound like you?

We already apply for grants occasionally, but the whole process is chaotic.

Our team is always short on labour, so we never have the time to develop processes or training that would increase efficiency and solve this labour shortage in the first place. 


We miss deadlines and forget submission requirements. We can’t keep up with all the moving parts.

We always engage the same donors every year. Our donor base is not growing but instead slowly thinning out. 


We don’t want to hire someone new just for grant writing because we don’t know if we could pay them in 12 months.

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We fundraise the way we always do, but there must be a better way.
We are new to grant writing and don’t know where to start. 

We are knowledgeable about our mission, but we are new to running an organization or writing grant applications.


We spend too much of your time fundraising, instead of implementing our programs. We need recurring, reliable, and larger funding. 

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If this sounds like your organization,

Do Good Better: Winning Grant Funding

Is a program designed for you. 

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Get Started

You can read more details about the program structure and pricing by getting the program brochure in your inbox:

Thanks for submitting!

Here is what the program can do for you:

More Time

Your fundraising efforts will be more efficient and free up staff time for strategic work. 

Practical Results

We usually submit 4~5 large or 7~9 small grant applications in 9 months. win up to $500,000+ in additional funding.

Skills & Confidence

Your team will be fully equipped and confident to lead your new, customized grant workflow by themselves

Learn more
Skills & Confidence

Rosaline and her team took us step by step, patiently explaining and guiding us. With each meeting the process becomes more and more comprehensive and our confidence as an organisation grows. UCC team is very professional, organised and very conscientious in their work. Rosaline is very easy to work with, pays attention to our needs as an organisation and this has strengthened the level of trust between our organisations. We are moving to phase B of our process and the UCC team has made us feel confident and deserving to be recognised and partnered with due to the work we do. I feel optimistic like we already won the race!

Ipeleng, Founding Director of Ipeleng Cares Foundation

Skills & Confidence

All my experience with the UCC has been terrific, but if I have to choose only one thing I enjoy best about working with UCC… It’s that your way of mentoring helps me to grow not only with my project, but also as a changemaker.

Elias, Founder of CODE Mexico

Practical Results

We hired UCC to help us secure funding for hEr VOLUTION and have already worked with them to apply for a couple of major grants. We are very excited to be working with their teams because we see how professional and knowledgeable they all are when it comes to grant writing. We look forward to achieving our fundraising goals with the help of the UCC team and, with that, make an impact in the STEM industries. We recommend UCC to any organization that is looking to work with a dedicated team of grant writers and fundraisers to help them achieve their goals.

Doina, Executive Director of hEr VOLUTION

How does this program work?

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More Time

Menstruation Foundation and O Grace Land are very privileged to be working together with UCC and Rosaline and her amazing team. Their professional way of communication and their prompt response really does exceed all expectations. All the info provided by them are clearly explained, and they work on a step by step system that makes documents easily accessible and understandable. We are very excited to have them in our corner.

Marius,  Director of MENstruation Foundation

How does this program work?

Form a joint team

During these 9 months, our experts and your staff work together. Principal Consultant + Grant Associate + Process Lead from your organization.

Design a workflow

We build a customized workflow for finding high-potential grant opportunities and for writing winning bids

Experts do the work

We research and write grant applications using this custom workflow. We usually submit 4~5 large or 7~9 small grant applications in 9 months.

Build your capacity

We train your staff to set you up for long-term success. We transfer knowledge and know-how from UCC experts to your team.

By the end of the program you will have:

Customized Workflow

Your own customized workflow that will help you smoothly and efficiently write your own grants.

Skills & Experience

Gained skills and experience of writing high quality grants by receiving training and working alongside our experts.

High-quality Applications

A series of high quality grant applications submitted to well-matched funders.

White Accessories

Who is 

Urban Changemaker Coalition?


A technical assistance and capacity-building agency with a mission to enable local changemakers like you to address deep-rooted challenges in your community.


A team of experts with 7+ years of experience each in specific technical skills related to building and running a social impact initiative, like Grant Writing & Research.

Who is your

Principal Consultant?


Principal Consultant, Business Development

Rosaline has written and won multiple funding applications to governments, foundations, and corporations to the value of tens of millions of dollars

Rosaline understands which grant givers are looking for: she was part of a team managing a £120 million fund on the Partnerships for Forests program. 

In the past 6 months, Rosaline has written proposals for a combined value of $2.1mil+ in grant funding for local changemakers.

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Early Bird Pricing

Only 8 spots left! Act now to get the deal while it lasts. 

Sign up to get a program brochure and to talk to our team about the Early Bird deal.

Our affordable prices


Regular $850/month


(early bird)


Regular $700/month


(early bird)


Regular £500/month


(early bird)

For 9 months

30-day Satisfaction guarantee.

After the first 30 days, we will return your first month’s payment if you are not satisfied with the program. No questions asked. 


You can also stop the program at any time, and you will not be charged the following month.

How does this price compare to your other options? 

Comparison shown with Canadian Dollars (CAD). Click arrows to see the comparison in other currencies.

Your Plan

Monthly Payment

Grant Application


Custom Workflow

30-day guarentee

Hiring a Full-time Grant Writer

$30/hr + benefits + employer tax =


Do Good Better:
Grant Writing Program

Regular $850/month


early bird price

Hiring a Commission-based Grant Writer

10~15% commission on a $500,000 grant

up to $75,000

per successful grant


How can we charge such affordable prices?

We are specialists with established processes and tools to optimize time.


As a not-for-profit social enterprise, we, at UCC, are dedicated to making services as affordable as possible and get grants ourselves to cover some overhead costs.

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Get Started

Complete the short form and a member of our team will be in touch.

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